Angry Snakes

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About Angry Snakes:

Angry Snakes is another fun snake-themed Slither-styled IO game about many angry snakes competing against each other for the arena dominance. You direct your own angry snake around the map in an attempt to gather many glowing dots that are dispersed on the floor to increase your sie. The more dots you gather, the bigger you are. When you truly feel powerful, you can jump into a fight against other angry snakes. To destroy them, you have to cross their path and cause them to run into you. Once they have ended up getting destroyed, you should gather their remains to grow even bigger. Don’t forget to make a speed boost to catch your prey, but if you speed up too much, your mass will be decreased, so use it wisely. You are fighting for a chance of becoming the angriest snake in the whole arena. Let’s jump into the game now! Good luck to you!


Use the mouse for moving the snake around the map. Use the left mouse to speed up.

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