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About WormRoyale.io:

WormRoyale.io is a tough Slither Style game where you have to vie for your ultimate glory. The game features the Battle Royale element, taking the snake-themed IO game to the next level. You have to wander around a big map in the shape of a vibrant and beautiful worm until you come across the enemies, and that’s when the real battle will begin. As you move, make sure you absorb all the scattered food around the map to build your size one by one. You should try to make your worm larger than ever, so you will have more power to beat all enemy worms in the clash. Being bigger than other worms, you will find it much easier to eliminate them without taking too much effort. In addition, you can bypass them all by giving your worm a speed boost. This also helps you get away from the danger zone or from the enemy attacks. Watch out for the environments around you and have your abilities ready to deal with the risks. Can you survive until the end to become the best worm? Enjoy the game!


Control the movement of your worm using the mouse. Speed it up by clicking the left mouse.

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