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About Dynast.io:

Put your building capability to a challenge in Dynast.io – an enchanting RPG Strategy game following Moomoo.io style. Your big mission in this multiplayer game is to construct your own dynasty and make sure it will be able to last the ages. To build stuff, you must have resources. Therefore, feel free to make your way through the huge map in a top-down view as you search for precious resources. Try to gather them all then utilize them to craft advanced items, tools as well as powerful weapons. All of them will give you a hand in conquering many dangers standing in your way. When you move around, make sure you are always watchful for the wild animals prowling the lands looking for their tasty targets. Quickly elude them or defeat them using your crafted weapons before they consume you. You will become the ultimate winner if you succeed in securing your land, your farms, castles as well as beating all opponents!


Move your character around the map by using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse to assault or gather resources. Craft items using key C, build bases using key B, open the inventory using key I, and open the team using key M. 

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