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About Futurefunk

Futurefunk is a new MMO strategy iO game. In which, you will be required to carry out specific missions. The match will happen after the infection is activated. Somebody is selected as a starter zombie. His or her challenge is to spread the virus. If you are a human in Futurefunk unblocked and you are grabbed, you will turn into a minion. If there are still a few people at the moment the timer runs out, your faction will win. In case everyone becomes monsters, the other side will dominate the leaderboard. Play Futurefunk free online like a normal man you should make use of available barricades to cover yourself. Especially, try to buy items in the shop and deploy them properly! It is completely easy to work together with your team at any time! Once you survive until the end of the competition, you will have more chances to climb up to the top spot. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD keys to move around the map, Left Mouse to control items, E to collect, G to drop

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