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Ruby June 11, 2019 Strategy, Tower Defense, Upgrades 1658
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About Lordz2.io

Lordz2.io unblocked is a game from Spinbot Studio and you can add it to your favorite list of free io games online. Lordz2.io is also known as the second installment of Lordz.io game. This time, it is taken in the Middle Ages, giving you further challenges to conquer. Once the game is kicked off, you have to go vanquish more land for expanding your territory. You cannot do this alone yourself, and you will need some help from your army. Therefore, you have to build a big army, construct a castle with various crucial buildings in order to support all units. Once you’re in your conquest, you can summon the units to help you overcome all obstacles, especially when you confront with tough enemies. The strategy is such an important thing in Lordz2.io free game. You should develop it through overtime to surpass all. Can you become the best lord dominating the most prosperous territory? Good luck to you!

How to play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD, press the spacebar to dash, use the left mouse to assault enemies, use key E or the right mouse to trigger the special power, press key B to build stuff, key U to purchase a soldier, key F organize the army formation, key Y to improve your soldier, spacebar to split the army, key C to change the formation, key M for toggling the minimap, key L for toggling the leaderboard, key Enter to chat, and key ESC for the pause menu.

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