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Ruby October 19, 2022 Strategy 249
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Smashers.io is an io game where you play with a mallet. You help your character in Smashers.io game to smash enemies and eat lots of gems to grow your size.

About Smashers.io

Smashers.io is a classic strategy game that is very engaging and amusing to play. You take control of a character that is armed with a large mallet. Move around the map carefully to smash your opponents to pieces using that given mallet. Another thing you must do is to increase the size and damage of your mallet by gathering as many gems dispersed on the ground as possible. The more gems you collect, the stronger and longer the mallet is. Other enemies won’t be hesitant to attack you, so make sure you try to elude getting hit by them, or else your size will get smaller, causing your game to be over. Of course, you have to get away from the smashers that are larger than you. Focus on hunting the smaller ones, survive longer until you become the largest smasher in the whole arena. Let’s enter the battle! Wish you luck!

How to play

Control your character around the map using the mouse. You can smash others using spacebar or clicking the left mouse. Press key W or click the right mouse to sprint.

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