YORG.io 3

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About YORG.io 3:

In YORG.io 3 game, you will experience various features, such as zombies, tower defense, and strategy. This is the third chapter in the YORG.io game series. The game draws the attention of many players from around the world for its unique gameplay and new features. The mission for you in YORG.io 3 unblocked is to create a base and get through the zombies. You will start placing mines with factories for supply chains that generate ammo for your defensive towers. Go find new resources and use them to power up your towers so you can unlock new abilities. The zombies will appear at night. They aim at your towers! You need to protect them all the time before they take damage from the zombies. Besides dealing with the zombies, you also have to fight off their bosses. Try your best to fend them off using your smart strategies with great skills. Your big goal in YORG.io is to survive until the end of combat. Play it now!


Click the left mouse button to interact with the objects and choose actions.

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