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About free online is a battle game in which players have to fight for their survival and the ultimate victory, which is not easy at all. In this top-down io shooter game, you also experience the familiar battle royale game play with a wide range of awesome features. You will start it off without anything in your hands, therefore, you have to make your way through the map trying to find some equipment for yourself then make the most use of them to defeat the enemies. The in-game weapons are so diverse, ranging from a shotgun, a machine gun, a pistol, to a rocket launcher. Feel free to use them to outplay other players! Besides, you have to defend yourself from the danger zone that gets smaller gradually. If you stay inside of it, your health will be decreased and you will die for sure. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive, collect many kills and make your name grow to the top 1! Jump into game now!


Direct the movement of your character with the mouse, shoot enemies using the left mouse or the spacebar, use the right mouse or key W to sprint, use key Q to change a weapon and use key F to drop a weapon.

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