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Noob Island Escape

Pup February 15, 2023 Survival 169
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Noob Island Escape unblocked is a Minecraft survival online game. You assist Noob in Noob Island Escape game to craft a ship then use it to escape the island.

About Noob Island Escape

Noob Island Escape is an adventure 3D game featuring a survival gameplay mechanic. You will explore an island and build a ship then use it for your escape.

As you play Noob Island Escape free online game, you will explore various challenges. So, this is a chance for you to express your survival skills. Your mission is to give a hand to Noob so he can build a ship.

You will make use of that ship so you can escape away from the island. On your way, there will be lots of challenges that you have to vanquish using your survival skills. Try to overcome them all for your escape.

Noob Island Escape game is similar to Minecraft survival online game. Play it now!

How to play

Control your character to vanquish the island using WASD, arrow keys, or the left mouse button.

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