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Terms of Use

Terms of Use are the terms you need to know when visiting our website, braains-io.com. We have the copyright to the game description you need to respect.

Terms of Use at braains-io.com include terms of user responsibility for our copyrights. In addition, we also publish policies about your rights and obligations with respect to our information and our obligations to protect it.

These are mandatory terms for all users of this website. If you are not satisfied with them, please email us. But we will consider all user comments and only change the terms of use when necessary.

What belongs to their copyright and your responsibility to them

This is a website that specializes in sharing free online io games and so far, this site has attracted thousands of players to join. So, in order for it to always work well to provide a healthy and relaxing experience for everyone, we always have terms and policies to govern it.

The games on our website do not belong to our copyright, but they are collected from other sources. At the same time, the images, videos, logos of the game also belong to its publisher. So you are free to share them anywhere without asking our permission.

However, on this site, the content belongs to our content team. It includes all the game descriptions, gameplay, controls, etc., located below the online game players and either here or on the homepage of this website.

So with what’s ours, we need you to respect it. If you want to share them, please email us to ask for permission. In addition, please attach the website name as the source of the content to respect the copyright of the content from us.

We will review and take appropriate action for each of our copyright infringement cases. But before we issue a penalty, we usually send you a warning warning. If you repeatedly violate, we are forced to remove you from the list of users at braains-io.com.

Your rights and obligations with respect to your content

Your information on this site includes your personal account information and what you share on the site through your account (such as comments). With them, you have the right to edit, delete, add as you want without having to ask our permission.

We always respect what’s yours, but it’s your responsibility to protect your information. Please do not share account information with other individuals to avoid invasion of privacy. If this is the case, you need to change your account and password immediately and can report for us.

In addition, you may not post comments, content, images, or voices that are vulgar, sexual, violent, or criminal. Those things can affect the experience of others and we do not allow that to happen.

We always strive to remove bad information from our website in order to create a healthy online playing field for everyone. So we value your cooperation, please report any misconduct you know of.

Additionally, this is our disclaimer at this site. We have no legal responsibility for user content. Users will be fully responsible for the content they post, please pay attention to that. To avoid trouble, you should carefully read and comply with our terms and privacy policy.

In general, our terms of use are important to all users here. We look forward to the cooperation and support of users to strictly implement these terms. Besides, please report to us if you have any comments, we will review them and give you feedback.

We may change these terms of use at any time to suit the current situation. However, those changes are based on opinions from users, the law, and everyone’s interests. We will notify you of the changes as soon as possible and you need to read and comply with the new terms.

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