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Bomb It 6

Ruby June 20, 2022 Tower Defense 280
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About Bomb It 6

Bomb It 6 game was first released as a flash game, but now it is updated as an HTML5 that is free to play in browsers. Feel free to enjoy a new Bomberman game.

It also features five game modes to master, including arcade, battle royale, green zone, survive and treasure trail, various characters, nice animations, and unlockable outfits. These features make the game more amazing to play.

Since this is the sixth installment of the Bomb It series, the gameplay remains the same and is much inspired by the classic Bomberman series. You have to make your way through the map in an attempt to deal damage to objects, walls, and even enemies or AI bots that stand in your way.

You are equipped with deadly bombs, so make sure you plant them strategically to kill your opponents. You will see some chests and when you blow them up, you can collect gold coins. These coins can be used for buying new items in the shop! You should try to kill all enemies by trapping them in a corner with your bombs or making them touch your bombs while avoiding getting exploded by their bombs or even your own ones.

Every bomb has a certain timer, you should be careful not to get yourself bombed, otherwise, the game will be over. You have to survive, kill enemies, and become the winner. Besides this chapter, you can play other previous Bomb It games or Bomb It 7!

How to play

Player 1: Move your character using WASD and spacebar to drop a bomb. Player 2: Move your character using arrow keys and Enter to drop a bomb.


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