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Ruby May 7, 2019 Agario Style, Slither Style, Tower Defense 930
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About FOWz

FOWz is a multiplayer Tower Defense game that you can play for free and have your skills tested through various challenges. You will roam the map carefully attempting to destroy as many objects as possible in order to slay all enemies getting in your way. Since this is a very brutal battle, you can expect to be attacked by the enemies back, but the most important thing is if you can dodge their shots or not. You’d better protect yourself all the time and be careful with every move you make, otherwise, you will meet your doom soon. The way of defending yourself in FOWz game is to use an epic spin attack that helps fight off any objects exploding around you. When you make progress, you can purchase brand new characters with nice items to restore your health and stamina. It will be not easy to dominate the Fowz arena, but this is the goal you must achieve.

How to play

Use the spin attack by clicking the left mouse, and use the right mouse to throw.

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