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Ruby May 31, 2019 Space, Tower Defense, Upgrades 1386
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WAZANA.IO free unblocked is a very exclusive multiplayer io game and also very addictive to play. Let’s prepare yourself for it now. You are pitted against other players online in a huge 3D map. The first thing you must do is to select from three various starting factions. Each of them has their own play style and unique perks for you to use. Once you chose them, you will start selecting a base city. Then, you make your way through the map trying to collect some resources which are energy and matter. They are crucial resources you can gather by using extractors, and once you had them, you can use them to buy more upgrades, brand new buildings or even military units. Make sure all the resources are well managed so you can cope with all dangers outside easily. To fight others, send your army out into the battle then let them finish off all enemies. Think you can rule Wazana.io free game today? Wish you luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse for various action and click the right mouse to make a unit move.

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