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Dino Defense

Pup February 18, 2023 Upgrades 252
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Dino Defense unblocked is a stickman HTML5 game online. In Dino Defense, you will get through the attack of dinosaurs then use it to make money.

About Dino Defense

Dino Defense is a 3D incremental game about dinosaurs attacking you. Make use of your skills to survive the attack then help people and make them your workers.

The dinosaurs in this stickman HTML5 online game will attack you. Hence, you must survive them and make use of them to make money. Then, you can give a hand to other people.

You can make them your workers to increase the size of your base. Your goal is to defeat the dinosaurs to dominate the world in the game.

Enjoy Dino Defense unblocked game to express your survival skills!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement of your character in the game. Use the left mouse button and move the mouse for the movement or aiming as you utilize the machine gun.

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