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Doggo Clicker

Ruby April 20, 2022 Upgrades 325
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About Doggo Clicker

Owning a dog is one of the joys of animal lovers, but not everyone can afford a dog. So, the appearance of Doggo Clicker will make it easier for you to approach dog care.

Doggo Clicker unblocked possesses fun clicker gameplay, it’s really simple but will make you feel excited. In the game, you will start raising a cute dog and must ensure it is always in a happy state. The work of raising dogs in Doggo Clicker HTML5 online is much simpler than in reality. Specifically, players only need to click on the screen repeatedly to help their dog grow and unlock new decorations. The more you click on the screen, the more points you will get, and also make other upgrades to increase the development of your dog.

If you think this is a boring game then you are completely wrong. There are more than 50 different upgrades in this animal 3D online game that promises to keep you excited. All the upgrades will make your dog look much cooler than the original state. At the same time, using the score correctly will help you to develop the stats faster than usual. Besides, Doggo Clicker also allows players to build houses for pets through the options available on the screen. Have you thought about the design of the house for your dog? Don’t worry, the design is available in the game and you can simply tap the screen repeatedly to proceed with the construction. Moreover, 21 different kinds of accessories for uncle are waiting for you to unlock in this game. Don’t miss this great opportunity to take care of a dog in your own way.

How to play

Use left mouse button to increase your score and proceed to unlock new upgrades

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