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Funny Animal Cafe

Pup May 13, 2023 Upgrades 124
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Funny Animal Cafe is a free unblocked food cooking game. From a small place, you can grow and expand your Funny Animal Cafe by satisfying every customer only.

About Funny Animal Cafe

Play Funny Animal Cafe free online and embark on your newest mission as a manager. You have to accomplish plenty of different quests from decorating to serving.

You can complete various jobs at the start of this html5 animal game, for example, setting up decorations along with furniture. After creating menus, you’re able to serve the first customers. Moreover, you should make all of these special characters happy. Or, they will not return for the next time.

Open the Funny Animal Cafe simulation game and begin to work your way! The money will allow you to grow more.

How to play

Move your manager around with the WSAD keys. Control the UI in-game with your Left Mouse.

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