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Idle Combine

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Idle Combine online is an item matching game with simple mechanics on a web browser. Your task just needs to create new materials to increase maximum income.

About Idle Combine

Idle Combine gives you the task of combining items to create new items. Each combination formula will help you increase your income in its own way, so learn carefully.

Idle Combine has a simple and accessible gameplay mechanism

Anyone can play Idle Combine unblocked without taking too long to get used to it. So, this is an idle development game, and you only need to interact directly on the screen to play.

Combine different items

Your job in this idle game is to combine different items to create a higher collection. Each created item will bring a certain amount of gold over time. So, the more gold coins you collect, the more you will have the opportunity to unlock all the items that appear in the game.

Many combination recipes

There are many recipes for you to combine in-game items to maximize profits. So, this new HTML5 game provides items that are quite familiar to everyday life. Besides, you can easily spot items like hammers, boards, stones, axes, logs and more. Each combination formula will create the corresponding product.

Tips to collect all items in Idle Combine online

Although it is a typical idle game, there are a few tips you can apply to increase your productivity while playing:

  • Continuously observe the combination formulas on the right corner of the screen
  • Priority is given to the combination of items with the same amount of money
  • Pay attention to the amount received per second in the upper corner of the screen
  • Use the money obtained from the items properly

Play Idle Combine free online, you will feel absolute relaxation without worrying about achievements. So, maybe it will take you a long time to achieve in-game achievements if you use the wrong amount.

How to play

Use the left mouse button and drag and drop items to combine.

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