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About is a good MMO io game unblocked. It is a new and interesting match based on Splix style. Explore an enormous map along with multiple competitors worldwide and show up your skills to survive, expand and dominate the top spot as soon as possible! You will play free with a block and it will be the main tool to help you achieve what you desire. However, you need to defend the trail that it creates while roaming or its sides. Rivals in are cunning and they can eliminate you whenever by crashing into that line. You’d better evade stronger characters and do not move too far from the place where you begin.

Aside from joining online safely, you are also able to choose another way to experience the journey. You can knock about other players and steal their territory or bump into their weakest point. Once you gain the highest score, you will become the King. Besides, you will unlock upgrades. Have fun!


Move your block around the map by using WASD or Arrow keys

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