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Sushi Break Dash

Pup May 11, 2023 Upgrades 169
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With a ball, you can play Sushi Break Dash unblocked full screen online and collect coins. Aim at spots in Sushi Break Dash and release to break sushi blocks!

About Sushi Break Dash

Sushi Break Dash is an online arcade ball game where you should gather as many sushi blocks as you can. It’s helpful for you to earn more coins and level up faster.

So, it will be an interesting physics game that you can aim and shoot your way. But, you’d better build combos if you want to reach the next level sooner. Hence, you need to make use of your power-ups smartly. Actually, they will help you conquer stages quickly.

It’s the unblocked Sushi Break Dash online game that you can enjoy now. Can you find the final level fast?

How to play

Aim and shoot at sushi blocks by dragging and releasing the left mouse.

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