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About Taekwon.io:

Taekwon.io is an Idle RPG Upgrades game opening a brutal fight between you and other online opponents. You are provided with a unit, and you must keep it upgraded by training a lot of different techniques, such as punching, kicking and blocking. These abilities are so important, therefore, you must practice them all the time and once your unit is completely ready, feel free to jump into the arena to take part in Underground Fighting Ring where you face off against many units controlled by real human players. Once the fighting competition is kicked off, you have to attack the rivals and finish them off before they deal damage to you. Do whatever it takes to defend your units! If you soak massive damage from their attacks, you will meet your doom, and the game will be over. Try your best to outplay all opponents to become the best player of all! Kick it off now! Good luck to you!


Use the left mouse to punch and use the right mouse to kick.

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