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Tom Run

Ruby September 28, 2022 Upgrades 232
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About Tom Run

Accompany the cat Tom in Tom Run to perform endless runs. Along the way, the appearance of many obstacles with different ways of working will make everything difficult.

Tom Run is a fun endless runner game with lots of mechanics

Tom Run unblocked is actually a fun endless running game on the web browser. The cat is being chased by a policeman, no matter what the reason is, you need to help Tom the cat escape. During the run, focus on accurate reflexes to help the protagonist overcome obstacles.

Play many times to get high score

In this game, you will not find the destination when moving but must try to get the highest score. This jumping free game allows you to break your own move record the next time you play. Therefore, the further you move, the higher the score will be.

Complete quests while running in Tom Run online

The mission system is also quite diverse with a lot of content and challenges waiting for you to explore. In each move, you should complete the assigned tasks to get a higher score. It can be mentioned as collecting the required items or reaching the specified score, and more.

Get rewards and unlock favorite items

After each game screen, you will also receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement that you have achieved before. This HTML5 unblocked online game allows you to unlock new skins for your characters. There are many skins for Tom the cat in the store, you just need to choose the style that suits you.

Play Tom Run online, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing running moments that it brings. All the content in the game is very interesting and thorough, certainly will not disappoint you.

How to play

Control the cat Tom to move properly with WASD buttons or arrow buttons.

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