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Traffic Cop 3D

Pup May 8, 2023 Upgrades 184
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Traffic Cop 3D unblocked is a fun adventure upgrade game. Drive around Traffic Cop 3D and scan license plates carefully so you can catch the right criminals!

About Traffic Cop 3D

Let’s play Traffic Cop 3D free online and take part in a new html5 simulation game your way! As a police officer, you’ll perform various tasks to protect the city.

First of all, you should pay attention to every sign relating to criminals. Not only that, you have to look after means on the street. In addition to that, you’ll scan these license plates. It’s useful for you to find out suspected cases. Moreover, you must capture bad people.

Experience the Traffic Cop 3D game and test your ability in your current job now!

How to play

Scan license plates and interact with the game’s UI with your mouse.

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