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12 MiniBattles

Ruby April 5, 2022 Zombies 467
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About 12 MiniBattles

12 MiniBattles explore fun-style two-player battles. Here, you need to defeat your opponent in mini-games with different operations to win the final victory and get rewards.

The continuous development of HTML5 games online in the present time gives players a lot of choices for entertainment. Besides familiar styles such as strategy, FPS, puzzle, 2 player games are becoming popular. 12 MiniBattles unblocked is a typical wallet where you and a friend will compete against each other on many interesting mini-games. In all levels, both players must find a way to finish the opponent to continue to the next level.

The games in the game will random according to the system’s design, including many different genres. Maybe you’ll join a soccer match, a sniper contest, or even become a ninja. Besides, the mini-games in this game have intuitive control systems. You only need to use a single button to play these games but still feel fun.

Although the gameplay is not too outstanding, the variety of levels will bring you fun moments. Play 12 MiniBattles for free, you need to find yourself a friend to start the competition right away. Join your friends to participate in all the mini-games in the game to build friendship, or feel the joy of enjoying. Up to the present time, this game has many different update versions to become more complete. And you can experience up to 36 different mini-games instead of the original 12. So you can compete with your friends without getting bored with the long experience. Not only that, but this game also finished second in the CrazyGames Developer Contest 2018.

How to play

Use the A button for Player 1, and the L button for Player 2

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