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Noob Vs Evil Granny

Pup February 27, 2023 Zombies 290
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Noob Vs Evil Granny unblocked is an adventure zombie game. In Noob Vs Evil Granny, you rescue your girlfriend by using hints and clues in a deserted house.

About Noob Vs Evil Granny

Noob Vs Evil Granny brings you a fun yet challenging adventure. Your mission is to save your girlfriend by exploring a deserted house to get lots of hints and clues.

You can play Noob Vs Evil Granny online on browsers to explore a creepy adventure. Since your girlfriend is kidnapped, you need to go into a deserted house to save her. The house is on the outskirts of the city. So, make use of your skills to survive it.

In the game, you will interact with items inside the house to get some hints and clues. Then, you use them to find where your girlfriend is and rescue her.

Noob Vs Evil Granny unblocked is a nice adventure shooting game. So, give it a try to express your skills!

How to play

Explore the house using WASD. Use the mouse to look around. Use the left mouse to shoot and the right mouse to aim. Switch weapons using the mouse wheel scroll. Use G to launch grenades. Reload weapons with R Collect items using F Run to the left using the Left Shift.

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