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Zombie Raft

Pup February 20, 2023 Zombies 406
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Zombie Raft unblocked is a zombie-themed game. You have to use a raft in Zombie Raft to defeat hordes of zombies and gather resources to grow the raft.

About Zombie Raft

Zombie Raft is a game of survival. You will fight against lots of zombies while you are on a raft. You defeat them while collecting resources to strengthen the raft.

In this zombie survival game, you will explore a wasteland dominated by zombies. Hence, this is a challenging adventure for you. You must make use of the raft to survive this wasteland. The zombies will get on your raft then attack you. So, you need to beat them.

As you play Zombie Raft online, you can collect resources to create new areas on the raft. You can also buy some upgrades such as spikes, jet engine, etc. These items will enhance your survivability.

Enjoy Zombie Raft unblocked to express your survival skills on the zombie wasteland.

How to play

Perform the movements in the game using WASD, arrow keys, or the left mouse button.

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