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ZombieCraft is a game about a blocky world full of zombies. You play ZombieCraft to express your shooting skills and use weapons to fight against zombies.

About ZombieCraft

ZombieCraft lets you fight against a zombie wave. You have to use your shooting skills with a variety of weapons to defeat the zombies and protect yourself.

ZombieCraft is in a blocky world with lots of areas for you to explore

There are many zombie shooting games for you to play. They are great titles that help you improve your shooting skills. So, if you are interested in this game genre, then make sure you also play ZombieCraft game.

Make use of your weapons to launch shots at zombies in ZombieCraft

You are equipped with strong weapons for the fight. Hence, you need to use it in a smart way so you can defeat the zombies. You can choose your favorite guns then use their features to shoot.

Watch out for the areas as you explore the arena because zombies can also pop up to defeat you. Try to defend yourself from other players and survive until the end to dominate the arena.

ZombieCraft 2D unblocked is also a nice shooting game to play to improve your skills. You fight to win zombies and rule the arena.

How to play

Move to explore the arena using WASD. Shoot at zombies using the left mouse button. Aim at zombies using the right mouse button.

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