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Zombo Buster Online

Ruby April 19, 2022 Zombies 479
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About Zombo Buster Online

Defend your stronghold from dangerous attacks from zombies in Zombo Buster Online. This is a difficult task, requiring the player’s concentration and observation ability.

The legions of zombies are becoming stronger, they are growing and ready to take over the Earth. Join to protect the peace of mankind in Zombo Buster unblocked now before it’s too late. Your mission is to protect your stronghold from the threat of zombies. If unsuccessful, they will advance into the area inhabited by innocent people and make the situation more difficult than ever.

Play Zombo Buster free online, you are alone in this battle so do everything before it’s too late. There is no time for thinking about strategies, or different plans. You need to make accurate shots towards the zombies on the screen before thinking about anything else. Preventing zombies from entering the stronghold is your most important task in this game.

The zombies appear quite a few to help you get used to the gameplay of the game. Then, the difficulty will increase through the appearance of more zombies on the map. Are you ready to take on this challenge by killing all zombies through your gun? After achieving certain achievements, you can also unlock powerful combat skills to gain an advantage in emergency situations. Similar to other action games online, Zombo Buster offers a diverse system of levels with many different challenges. You will start from the simple challenges to the levels with the appearance of powerful Bosses. Agility and observation are the factors that help you win this game. Our hero needs your help, join this game to help him save the world.

How to play

Use the J, K, L buttons to switch weapon states, and use the left mouse button to perform shooting action

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